The Pacific coast is iconic to B.C. and vital to our identity, culture, and economy. The B.C. government exercises considerable jurisdiction over these marine areas. But unlike all the Atlantic provinces, neighbouring Pacific US states, and many countries around the world, B.C. has no coastal strategy.

Sea lions on the west coast of BC

We are asking the government of B.C. to develop a Coastal Strategy.

A comprehensive B.C. Coastal Strategy will provide a vision and objectives to guide decisions in the increasingly crowded ocean, and will highlight the importance the government places on our coasts and coastal communities.

A Coastal Strategy must be co-developed between coastal First Nations and the Province to comply with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP.) This will ensure better recognition of First Nations as decision-makers and a more efficient and effective approach to coastal and ocean management across the province.

A B.C. Coastal Strategy will ensure that the right tools are in place to protect the coast and keep our ocean healthy, productive and secure for future generations.

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